Tuesday, 12 July 2011

So I Like Nature

Soooo the point of this blog is to show you what im upto in life art and photograhpy so basically what my very strange but creative brain comes out with.

So I shall start with a few old photos and few old memories that i love to look at every now and agin :)

 SO BECKY- My best friends an amazing artist  if ever i saw one but also an awesome model once you get passed the shyness and akwardness but shes Beautiful Inwards and outwards.

  As i went looking into my vast libarary i found these 2 of my very first Modeling shots wow i wondered why I became so fascinated with nodels and nature :)

So this was my first few weeks at college and this is my awesome friend amel who then throughout my college years posed for many of my projects. She is an amazing girl who helped me when i needed a model and we had quiet a few goodtimes in the it cafe :P she knows what i mean lol.

I have a feeling that i need to do a then and now photos So that was BECKY and Amel then And this was my most recent or best ones i have Oh of course ABBIE how can i forget that beautiful girl who wants to travel to her hearts content and i hope she does.




Heres a few more oldies of some of the amazing friends i have :D

The Jackson sister: Beautiful And amazling talented

Friends Willing to Pose

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